Two women, two eras, and one castle that will decide their destinies

The Château by the river
The Château by the river
(A sa rencontre)



Alexandra, a dynamic young business woman from California, has always been fascinated with France. She discovers that she herself has French roots when she comes across a photo of her ancestor Gabrielle D’Arcy, posing in front of the Château of Ferté-Chandeniers. She determines to find out everything there is to know about this woman who left her country for America a century ago.

Alex travels to France to the village of Chandeniers, where she gets to know Eric, the new owner of the once magnificent château, which is now half-ruined after a fire in the 1900s. But Eric turns against this American who has invited herself into the homestead that was so dear to his father,and which he is at such pains to protect from would-be buyers who care little for preserving its heritage.

It was in this place that Gabrielle dreamed, doubted, and lived a great love, and it is here that her descendant, walking in her footsteps, just might meet her own destiny.

Key points

  • The charm of France: a castle whose enchanting ruins offer glimpses of its sumptuous past
  • Two parallel stories of life and love in one book
  • A feel-good novel with a fairytale quality
145 000 words

English translation available in 2018

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