‘The fluid writing, the twisted plot and the colourful characters propel us to an original and highly engaging universe!’


The Children of Evernight
The Children of Evernight
(Les Enfants d’Evernight)



To escape from boarding school, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday Camille makes a wish before falling asleep: to never wake up again.

When she re-opens her eyes, she discovers her wish has come true. For here she is, in Evernight, the world of dreams. Wandering in this strange universe, she meets odd characters who lead her to the reverse city, where she must find the librarian, a rat, who will show her how to return to waking reality. But Camille soon discovers she is not welcome in this universe: no humans are tolerated in Evernight!

Only three children have won the right to remain here: Maximilien the Sandman, North the Night Clerk and Mathias the Time Master. This trio helps MacClaw, a tiger, to maintain peace and stability in a world that runs on the energy of dreams, nightmares and the incessant ticking of the clocks measuring the hours while humans sleep.

Can Camille count on them to guide her safely back home? Or must she be wary of the persons who seek to win her trust?


‘Monstrously thrilling !’
Gulli le Mag

Book 1 The Other Side of the Night
Book 2 The Orphanage of the Hanging Horse
Book 3 Camille's Promise

Key points

• A dreamlike universe created by an ingenious imagination
• A gripping plot, with adventures and humour
• Perfect for fans of Nausicaä, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke

50,000 words per book

Sample chapters available in English