A unique collection gathering the major works of a highly acclaimed author

The Complete Novels
The Complete Novels



Ranging from pure science fiction to space opera and fantasy, Julia Verlanger’s bitterly beautiful novels rank among the best works from France’s «Anticipation» brand of fantastic fiction that emerged after World War II.
Verlanger creates fascinating post-apocalyptic worlds and depicts lands ravaged by bacteriological warfare
– strangely evocative of Mad Max – as well as space operas dramatizing mankind’s expansion into the cosmos and developing themes as old as the myths of Antiquity. In all her universes, she offers a subtle mix of extrapolation and fantasy, teeming with brilliant ideas and breathtaking adventures.
Whatever the subject, her narrative style is impeccable and finely wrought with strong and powerful imagery.

‘A peerless author whose tales are bursting with action, Julia Verlanger never disappoints’
Le Voyage Insolite

‘A must-have for all SF fans’
Phénix Web

Book 1 The Wild Earth
Book 2 Tales of the Great Explosion
Book 3 In the Savage Lands
Book 4 The Gates of Magic
Book 5 The Impossible Outcasts

Key points

  • One of the most original voices of French SF
  • Compelling, action-packed literature
  • Amazing storytelling skills
200 000 words per book