‘Ill-used girls get revenge.These books are dark jewels.’
L’Ecran Fantastique

The Dead Girls Club
The Dead Girls Club
(Le Club des petites filles mortes)



Stand back, good people, as The Dead Girls Club opens its doors. On the menu this evening: fresh blood, violent shivers, dark fears and sleepless nights. Welcome to the horror of fairy tales that turn out for the worse, welcome to contemporary tales in which children take revenge on adults with a frighteningly cruel innocence, welcome to novellas about broken childhoods the survivors of which are simply all the more malicious…
… welcome to The Dead Girls Club. Come in and listen to some of the beautiful, terrible things these girls have to say…

Book 1 The Dead Girls Club
Book 2 The Dead Girls Strike Back

Key points

Written with a sharp psychological insight, strong emotive power, biting black humour and poetry of language, this is a truly singular, and powerful, collection.

• Two superb collections of 16 chilling tales
• Gudule is an exceptionally talented, multi-award winning YA and Horror writer
• Sharply written and psychologically astute, these tales are both frightening and brilliant

250 000 words per book

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