“I thought Fantasy was an Anglo-Saxon monopoly, until I read Erik Wietzel. It feels good to be proved wrong sometimes. This is the best Fantasy story I’ve read in a long time.”
Maxime Chattam

The Dragons of the Red City
The Dragons of the Red City
(Les Dragons de la Cité Rouge)



The son of the queen of Redfelt has been abducted. The ransom is the city’s magical sword, in which it is rumoured that the souls of dragons sleep. But the queen’s emissaries have vanished, along with the weapon they were to deliver to the kidnappers.
The queen therefore summons Alec, a bounty hunter, and formerly her lover when he was a young officer in the service of the king, her late father. This extraordinary but solitary man is one of the rare few to own a dragon, Arkhan, gifted with intelligence and speech, who is not only his riding mount but also his only true friend.
For Alec has another secret: he is possessed by a succubus who assists him with her powers in exchange for an exclusive claim to his favours. Troubled at meeting once again a woman whom the succubus has forbidden him to love, the adventurer reluctantly agrees to embark on the quest. Astride the back of his dragon, Alec flies off to distant lands in search of the sword and the captive prince…

Key points

• Dragons are always a favourite of Fantasy readers
• A dark, powerful, action-packed Heroic Fantasy story in the tradition of David Gemmell and Michael Moorcock
• Perfect for fans of James Barclay and James Clemens
• Great adventure, battle, magic and romance in one volume!
• Graphic novel adaptation by best-selling artist Adrien Floch published by Editions Soleil

105 000 words