From common gladiator to the Emperor’s living weapon, the cruel destiny of Rekk the Butcher

The Emperor’s Hand
The Emperor’s Hand
(La Main de l'Empereur)

Olivier GAY


Rekk’s childhood was not easy, and the rest of his life won’t be, either. Gladiator then soldier in the imperial army, he is spotted by the Emperor in the infernal mire of the Kushite jungles. He becomes the Emperor’s agent to defeat the hordes of barbarians, then the armed wing for all the Empire’s dirty work.
Little by little, Rekk evolves into a hated and feared man whose notoriery grows. His destiny turns him into a formidable warrior and puts him in moral dilemmas.
But what happens when our own legend escapes us? If Rekk has always benefitted from his talent to survive, those around him can scarcely say as much…

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Key points

  • A complex hero with a brutal fate, close to the emblematic characters of David Gemmell
  • Visual writing that skillfully alternates fast-paced battles and machinations
  • A novel in the same realm as Les Épées de glace, Prix de la Révélation award at the Futuriales festival
100,000 words per book