‘Likeable characters draw the reader into an adventure that sees them make the transition from childhood to adolescence. Intriguing and enjoyable, an excellent reading experience.’
Lanfeust Magazine

The Eye of the Gods
The Eye of the Gods
(L'Œil des dieux)



Twenty-nine children live in the Bubble.
Split over five levels – and into three rival groups – with no adults and no contact from the outside world, they have everything they need: food, power, shelter and company. But it’s not going to last.
The first sign comes when the food dispensers fail. Mina of the Wolves forges an alliance with Alec, leader of the Crazies gang, in an attempt to restore their food supply, but their mission is not without danger. Fixing the dispensers means crossing the Bear gang’s territory, and as tempers fray that’s all it takes to spark a lethal war between the children…
Nor is that the end of their troubles. It’s not just the food dispensers which are failing, the entire Bubble is falling apart, and with it the children’s perceptions of their lives, society and how they came to be alone inside the Bubble. As their gods and their way of life is toppled by some shocking revelations, for the first time the children’s eyes turn to the world beyond the Bubble, and to the potential of a new life outside its walls.

‘A modern Famous Five in a universe like that of Highlander… we follow the gangs’ discoveries without missing a beat in the rush to find out how it all ends.’

Awards :
Teen Book award 2001-2002 - Prix Ados, Rennes, Ile-et-Vilaine
Reading Pleasures award 2002 - Prix Plaisirs de Lire de l’Yonne
Teen Choice award 2001 - Prix J’ai Lu – J’élis des Ados de la Ville d’Angers
Ile-de France Reading Club award 2001-2002 - Prix du Club des Lecteurs ARDEP/Ile de France

Key points

• Battle Royale meets Logan’s Run
• A dark story of war between children
• A stand-alone dystopian novel from the authors of Ayesha, a Fantasy masterpiece
• Vividly written and packed with immediacy and danger
• A multi-award winning novel

37 000 words

Full manuscript available in English