‘ Two hours of reading engraved in your memory for life.’
France Inter

The House
The House
(La Maison)



The House
In a white dress, bouquet in hand, Martine knows that she will never love Jean, the sad and violent man she has just married. But inside her, a seed is germinating. This seed is her decision. For years she will endure her daily existence and raise their child. But silently, boldly, and persistently, she will be planning her escape.

The Dress
It has become a ritual between them: on their anniversary, she puts on her wedding dress. Friends envy them. Samuel and Sandra seem to be living a fairy tale romance...

The Ring
A woman on the train fondles the ring on her finger. A man watches as this passionate woman’s expression begins to change...

‘ Anxiety and oppression superbly rendered through the subtlety of the writing.’
Marcus Malte

Key points

  • Intimate, cruel stories, both minimalist and romantic, between noir fiction and general literature
  • Unforgettable portraits depicting women’s nuances and the shackles that confine them
  • "A marvel. An incandescent book." Gérard Collard – La Griffe Noire bookstore
30 000 words