The end of the war between magicians could come from a slave girl discovering her powers

The Illusions of Sav-Loar
The Illusions of Sav-Loar
(Les Illusions de Sav-Loar)



In the kingdom of Shadow, the women who possess the gift are persecuted by men from the Closed, the patriarchal religious order. For centuries now these women have taken refuge in the legendary Sav-Loar, a city at the heart of the Forest of Dreams protected by spells and illusions.

When Blue becomes a teenager, she discovers her powers and joins forces with a group of slaves pursued by the Closed. Heading to the city of banished female magicians, she will cross paths with Fèl, a manipulative beauty enamored with freedom, and Til’Enarion, a formidable member of the Closed who hunts down young female magicians.

The war between magicians reaches its peak, and the reckoning has come for the established order.

Key points

  • An inspiring female-driven story
  • Captivating, fluid writing that draws the reader into an ambitious tapestry
  • An independent narrative in the same realm as The Legaçy of the Crosser-Kings, Prix Imaginales for best French novel 2016
220 000 words