He’s a professional sportsman, weighing 222 pds.
Will he resist her shy 5’1?

The King of Tackling
The King of Tackling
(Le Roi du plaquage)



Romain is the kind of rugby player they just don’t make anymore, and he knows it. He is also the kind of man they don’t make anymore, but he’s really not aware of it.

In his wild youth, he earned a reputation for being a hard hitter: “The King of tackling” is his middle name. He’s a legend of the sport, yet not one to pose for calendars or go to press parties. The reason? He hates being photographed.

But when young photographer Margot is hired by the club, his heart begins to pound. And when some players, including Romain’s sworn enemy, are a bit too forward with her, he cannot help protecting her a little too much…

Key points

  • A romantic comedy from a man’s point of view, for a change!
  • A novel set in the world of rugby – where you don’t only meet brutes! – bringing a nice bit of testosterone
  • A uniquely sensitive and tender text
39 000 words