A meeting of two young women whose linked destinies will change the history of their worlds

The Legacy of the Crosser-Kings
The Legacy of the Crosser-Kings
(L’Héritage des Rois-Passeurs)



Shadow, a medieval universe full of magic, and Shore, the present-day world as we know it, are two distorted reflections of a single reality. A strange phenomenon joins them: that of the Dark Portraits. Every person in our world is linked to a person in Shadow, born on the same day. When one dies, the other cannot survive for longer than a lunar month.
But some individuals do not possess a Dark Portrait: the Crossers, capable of passing from one world to the other.
Énora is one of them. On the day of her twentieth birthday, celebration turns into massacre as strangers appear and slaughter all the young men present, including Énora’s twin brother. Taking flight, she seeks refuge in the realm of Shadow, the land of her ancestors.
There, the rebel princess Ravenn is coming home after years of exile. Her mother, the queen, is dying and Ravenn is returning to seize the throne that is hers by right. But she is not welcome…
Here is the story of two intertwined worlds, and two strong-willed women. Of two simultaneous returns that will once more play havoc with the tortuous destiny of Shadow.
Coincidence? Or a meeting long since ordained?

‘Two worlds, two heroines, a whole bunch of gods and a few dragons: the cocktail is subtly mixed’
Centre Presse




Key points

  • Two portraits of strong, charismatic women, far from the usual tropes of the fantasy genre where male heroes still reign.
  • A richly constructed and original imaginary world, endowed with a convincing history and a fully coherent chronology.
  • A fluid, pleasant prose style, easily read by all ages.
100 000 words