‘Full of action, suspense and mystery, and set in a world dominated by magic’

The Legend of the Demon Slayers
The Legend of the Demon Slayers
(La Légende des Tueuses-Démon)



‘It was eleven o’clock when they asked Malïn to kill himself. They left him in his princely suite with a dagger, a bowl of spiced wine sweetened with honey, and a vial of poison. He was fourteen years old.’
Yet Malin is not alone in his plight. The entire royal palace had been struck by a terrible illness causing madness, and then death. Malin is infected and has to commit suicide not to compromise the royal line.
But another fate awaits the young prince. He remembers a tale of a similar plague – not caused by a disease, but a demon, hidden somewhere within the royal citadel. The priests refuse to listen to him, so Malïn escapes the palace, driven on by the wild hope of liberating his people, and saving his own life.
Having rescued a girl his age they set out together on an epic journey over seas in search of a group of warriors who can help him: the Demon Slayers. They alone can make a stand against the invisible creature savaging Malin’s country…

Key points

• A commercial, dark and powerful novel from the author of Ayesha, a Fantasy masterpiece
• A young leader’s quest to save his people.
• A gripping coming-of-age adventure
• Perfect for readers of James Clemens, Henri Lœvenbruck and Trudi Canavan

100 000 words