‘With a twisted sense of humour and a light tone, this is a great book, well-paced and with an original idea, which provides hours of pleasure.’
Lanfeust Magazine

The Lord of Crystal
The Lord of Crystal
(Le Seigneur de cristal)

Alexandre MALAGOLI


One morning the young emperor Odrien wakes up to find his people gone. Everyone, throughout the entire kingdom, has disappeared. Or almost everyone. There are three others, mysteriously left behind: a pick-pocket, a Wise-One, and the captain of the Imperial Guard. Odrien must bring them together to help him.
The answers lie in the mirror: they must travel through it, into the strange universes beyond the glass which are both alien and utterly familiar, to find a way to thwart the curse. But it’s going to be tougher than expected: the four worlds beyond the mirror, each one governed by a different phase of the moon, are at war with each other. And that war is liable to become Odrien’s own.
But the battle against the demon-men of the full moon is only one aspect of the war. Odrien must also overcome himself, to become a monarch worthy of his people, and his ability to do so rests in the love of a magical queen, ruler of an enchanted kingdom. But love may not be the best defence against the razor-sharp claws of the demon-men…

Key points

• Engaging, enjoyable reading, this is a smart and accessible stand-alone novel
• A brilliant, original concept, and featuring warm and amusing characters
• ‘A great and well-exploited idea. This is a novel filled with first-rate surprises.’ — Backstab

86 000 words