‘With their historical edge and European setting, these vampire chronicles offer an alternative to the US writers who dominate the genre’

The Opera Macabre
The Opera Macabre
(L'Opéra macabre)



Flamenco Red
It was 1840, in a back-street Algiers brothel, when Carmilla became a vampire. A superb flamenco dancer and a strong, passionate, vibrant woman, she believes in progress and soon finds herself at war with powerful and ancient vampires who are strongly attached to their black magic, mystical rites and ancient ways… 

The Scarlet Goddess
Mara was once a courtesan, living in Delhi as the Emperor’s favourite. When the appeal of mortal life lost its savour, vampirism beckoned, and with it the seductive offer of immortality. Centuries later she falls in love with a man whose fiancée was kidnapped by the Red Hibiscus, a cult led by a vampire. She ignores he’s sworn to exterminate the blood drinkers in revenge.

The Last Vampire
There’s a serial killer loose in Paris. Victims were killed with a bite to their throats and drained of blood. All clues to his identity point back to the terror of the French Revolution. Inspector Christine Deroche investigates and soon realizes the killer has a special interest in her and her secret habits in the darker corners of Parisian nightlife…

Book 1 Flamenco Red
Book 2 The Scarlet Goddess
Book 3 The Last Vampire

Key points

• Tales of intrigue and mystery
• Can be read as a trilogy, or as stand-alone novels
• Superb, dark stories with an historical edge and evocative European and Oriental settings
• The life and dilemmas of strong women caught between their desires and their nature

250 000 words per book

Rights Sold (1 country)

  • GERMANY (Reverted)