What if you could instantly write your life as it goes along?

The Perfect Scenario
The Perfect Scenario
(Le Scénario parfait)

Camille ADLER


Lily dreams only of romance, but goes from break-up to break-up. One evening, she meets her favourite screenwriter at a party, and she gives Lily her pen, claiming it’s ‘magic’. It supposedly has the power to change any unpleasant situation into a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.
Lily then decides to make use of this gift to seduce her boss, Vincent: handsome, rich, intelligent, and… a womanizer. Embarked on a mad attempt to seduce her boss, she overuses the pen on a reluctant and oblivious Vincent, who will end up unwillingly asking her to marry him.
Losing touch with reality, Lily locks herself into her megalomaniac dream of having a perfect wedding, despite the warnings of her sweet roommate Damien, who is secretly in love with her. But during the ceremony, the pen suddenly decides on a change of plan, after an interruption of the exchange of vows worthy of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Key points

  • A feel-good story full of humour
  • A perfect tribute to the best romantic comedies
  • A novel that reads like watching a film
70,000 words