Imagine the TV show Charmed set in a French seaside village…
The Reluctant Witch
The Reluctant Witch
(L'Héritière des Raeven)

Méropée MALO


Assia, nineteen years old and her high school diploma in hand, heads for home after too many years spent in a boarding school. Alas, she learns that her mother and her aunt have been killed in a car accident.
Now all alone in the world, she discovers she is the heiress of a long line of witches. She must learn to master her magic powers with only an ancient book of spells as her guide, a book which is strangely reluctant to give up its secrets… But Assia is determined to overcome all obstacles and find out the truth behind the death of her loved ones.
She meets Alec, a young real estate agent with deep blue eyes and disarming charm who also happens to be the heir of a rival family. The situation becomes ever more complicated as the little town of Ysmans, without Assia’s family to watch over it, suddenly becomes the target of a series of curses. It is time for the young witch to let loose with her newfound magic powers!
Book 1          The Reluctant Witch
Book 2          A Witch in her Time
Book 3          A Witch at any Cost

Key points

  • A world of magic, a resourceful young witch, curses and mythical creatures!
  • A tale of forbidden love between scions of feuding families, à la Romeo and Juliet
  • A successful renewal of the witch family genre set against a contemporary backdrop
120 000 words per book