The flamboyant destiny of an elusive thief inSamarande, city of corruption and violence

The Seven Cities
The Seven Cities
(Les Sept Cit├ęs)

Pierre PEVEL


Of the Seven Cities, province of the High Kingdom, Samarande is the largest, most famous, and above all, most dangerous.

It is in this violent and corrupt world that Iryän Shaän practices his profession : that of a thief. After getting his hands on a precious tiara, he is then robbed of the jewels that adorn it, and he must find the guilty party and overcome his numerous adversaries – thieves, assassins, magi, and ghosts – through his cunning and might. And the troubles don’t end there, because when he frees his friend from rotting away in prison, Iryän antagonizes a formidable group of villains.

An old enemy is returning, and others who are just as dangerous are appearing. Iryän will become blinded by anger and his desire for vengeance and ready to combat powerful factions, some of whom have been competing for centuries, back to when the Divine Dragons ruled the world. Nothing will stop Iryän – neither man, nor drac, nor dragon prince. He is ready to risk it all, including his life.

Book 1 The Gem of the Valoris
Book 2 The Basilica of Shadows

Key points

• An experienced author known for the humor and verve of his characters and dialogs
• A rich world filled with intrigue, action, and mystery, and dominated by treachery and corruption
• A charismatic hero surrounded by a gallery of strong characters connected through friendship and unfailing loyalty

80 000 words per book