‘Fast-flowing, spectacular and entertaining fantasy. A honey-trap for readers, impossible to put down’
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The Seventh Warrior-Mage
The Seventh Warrior-Mage
(Le Septième Guerrier-mage)


Jal is not only a thief, but also a deserter. Pursued by his former fellow soldiers, he escapes death by a hair.

He is rescued by a woman who asks in exchange that he swear to defend her village against the conquering army he has just betrayed. An army led by the most powerful of the warrior-mages.

Although at first Jal has no intention of honouring his promise, the discovery of this valley miraculously spared by the war calls to mind the land of peace he has been seeking ever since he abandoned his life as a soldier. But he won’t delude himself, a handful of villagers stand no chance at all against an army capable of crushing whole cities and entire civilisations.

Soon, violent nightmares are disturbing the young soldier’s sleep, dredging up the memories of twelve hitherto forgotten years of his life, and with them, some unexpected abilities… His oath might just allow him to discover who he really is.

This could be his last chance at redemption, and the way to unveil the mystery of his past


Key points

  • A quest to recover a lost identity, a troubled past, and a last chance at redemption
  • A tale enhanced by the strong voice of a cynical yet charismatic hero
  • A talented author awarded the Prix Gulli 2014 for the juvenile novel 14-14, co-written with Silène Edgar
170 000 words

Sample chapters available in English