A two-sided novel: at last, a story told from both sides!

The Sighs Counter
The Sighs Counter
(Comptoir des soupirs)

Olivier PIAT


A man, a woman, an impossible love story. Their relationship is first of all two points of view, each with its own version of events. Heads for hers, tails for his. From the terrace of a Parisian café, he observes her while she notices him, and soon, their eyes do more than meet; they seek one another out. He’s married and the father of two children. She has just left her companion and is starting a new life.

Through the accounts of these two tormented lovers, the one tinted by the woman’s sensibility, her doubts and hopes, the other displaying a thorough masculine pragmatism, we discover surges of passion, but also the lies and the things left unsaid behind which this couple takes refuge in order to live this doomed relationship.

This flip-over novel, conceived like a 45 record, allows one to better understand what goes on within a romantic relationship. It’s tremendously effective: on side A, we have the feminine point of view; on the B-side, it’s the man who speaks
Mademoiselle A


Key points

  • A truly original book concept!
  • A short, effective novel with an incisive style tinged with humour
  • Slices of everyday life which will appeal to all readers
30,000 words