“A real phenomenon.”
Le Monde
The Visitor from the Future
The Visitor from the Future
(Le Visiteur du Futur )

Slimane-Baptiste BERHOUN,Fran├žois DESCRAQUES


In 2550, the Earth has been ravaged by a series of disasters that may well spell the end for humanity. Acid rains and zombie attacks are the daily lot of the last remaining survivors.

Among them is the Visitor, who has taken on the mission of cancelling these catastrophes. Helped by a wacky scientific robot, he goes back in time to the 21st century in an attempt to change the course of events.

But his past catches up with him. Old stories of lies and betrayal, which he has never revealed to anyone, risk jeopardising his mission.

Confronted with his former childhood friends, he soon realises that a piece of information crucial to the world’s fate lies buried in his memories…


The series Le Visiteur du Futur made its debut on the Internet in 2009 and was an immediate smash success. Shortly after a fourth season was launched at the beginning of 2014, Le Visiteur du Futur drew over 33 million views on the Web.

Key points

  • A mix of off-beat humour and allusions to cult works of science fiction.
  • Eccentric characters embarked on a fantastic adventure.
  • Based on a hit web-series available with English subtitles on the Internet.
87 000 words