In a world in crisis, one man can change everything…
But he needs to give a damn.

The Waldgänger
The Waldgänger
(Le Waldgänger)


Yumington: the city with a thousand tales. Plunge into its sordid depths, and you may never come back out…

And what if an ordinary man gains limitless powers in a society wracked by social, economic and political crises?

And what if this man had the ability to change everything?

And what if this man could not care less?

Blake thought he’d seen everything. In the Special Forces, he’d found his way out of worse spots. But pinned down by enemy fire in the middle of the desert, he falls under the thrall of a mysterious relic that will transform his life… and his mind.

Key points

• A suspenseful, complex and violent thriller.
• A universe which blends reality and fiction: a project that has become a landmark in transmedia narration.
• At the border between horror and science fiction, a veritable reflection on the most burning issues facing our current society.

108 000 words