A forbidden love and an age-old war, in which it could be the key issue at stake…

The Wolves of Riverdance
The Wolves of Riverdance
(Les Loups de Riverdance)



Lucas travels across the United States, without daring to stay long in any one place. The young man knows he’s being hunted and fears he will not survive if the shadowy forces on his trail ever catch up with him.
Upon arriving in the small town of North Cascades, Lucas finds a job, an apartment, and even a friend: Léo. But the shadows, embodied by his half-brother, locate him and start to methodically slaughter those close to him. Just when he’s on the point of giving up the fight, he is rescued by Léo’s father, Marcus, a werewolf.
While the young man tries to coexist with this enemy species to his own and not let himself be carried away by his feelings for Marcus, his half-brother remains determined to destroy him at all costs and thereby avenge the affront Lucas inflicted upon him years earlier. But as he experiences love, betrayals, and selfdiscovery,
Lucas will be forced to find the means of protecting his new adoptive family, even though he risks their hatred if they ever discover who he really is.
Book 1 Lucas
Book 2 Léo
Book 3 Logan

Key points

• A daring and heart-wrenching gay paranormal romance
• Written in an emotionally charged style that will touch readers with its appealing and true-to-life characters
• A rich and detailed universe with a carefully thought-out mythology

160 000 words