Pigalle, the famed bohemian district of Paris, and the perfect setting for a crime
(Les Encombrants)



This is the Pigalle of legend, a disappeared Paris peopled by artists, bourgeois, lowlife, and whores.
One morning as he sets out to buy his daily croissant, old Antoine spots a set of drawers dumped on the sidewalk. In one drawer is a tiny baby. Immediately the entire neighborhood swings into action to look after the abandoned girl, whom they name Cerise, and to save her from a grim future in an orphanage. The child is secretly passed from neighbor to neighbor, always managing to stay one step ahead of the local cops.
The police explore various theories as to how the girl ended up in the drawer. A kidnapping? Nasty parents who dumped their newborn? Was a network of pedophiles behind it? Or something even more sinister? For Pigalle has always been the scene of the most heinous of crimes.
Whatever the truth, Cerise brings seemingly endless problems to the entire neighborhood. And, somewhere in the city, a distressed young woman is looking for her baby…

Key points

  • An immersive crime novel set in the colourful Paris district of Pigalle, teeming with endearing characters
  • A turbulent and deliciously exuberant police investigation
  • A writing style that is flowing, precise, and very cinematic
50 000 words