‘An absolute gem of a book, whose author must be one of the most gifted in this genre’
Le Monde


Pierre PEVEL


Germany under the Holy Roman Empire is set ablaze by the Thirty Years War. After completing a sensitive mission for the Order of the Templars, Kantz, an exorcist knight who has been initiated to the arcane secrets of the Kabbalah, returns to Wielstadt. Although the city is protected by a mysterious dragon, Kantz is charged with tracking down an elusive pack of ghouls.
As the war expands across the Empire, even Wielstadt is shaken by a fearsome conflict between the forces of good and evil. Kantz is the only knight who can hope to defeat a terrifying demon plotting to bring forth its monstrous design.
The Thirty Years War is in its final throes, but Wielstadt knows no peace. While secret societies fight for power, black masses and ritual murders become increasingly common. Kantz is summoned to restore order, but how can he face the task at hand when he harbors doubts about his own crusade against evil?

Book 1 The Shadows of Wielstadt
Book 2 The Masks of Wielstadt
Book 3 The Knight of Wielstadt

Key points

  • A story full of political and religious intrigues admirably put together
  • Masterfully written, and drawing on a deep well of historical knowledge
75 000 words per book

Rights Sold (1 country)

  • SPAIN (Reverted)