He wants to love this boy, but first he must learn to forgive himself

Wild Heart
Wild Heart



Are you angry, Gabriel?

This was the question Dr Grant asked him at every session over the three years he’d spent in the correctional centre. Of course he was angry. He’d always been angry. He’d been most angry at high school when he saw Vicky, the smiling boy who seemed to look at him in a funny way. One day Gabriel pushed Vicky a littletoo hard, and he ended up at the bottom of the stairs, his leg broken, disabled for life.

Since he got out, Gabriel has tried hard to get his life together, although he takes part in secret fights to help him control the rage and the guilt that eat away at him. Until the day he bumps into Vicky by chance, and finally understands that Vicky has never hated him and has actually never stopped thinking of him.Their attraction is reciprocal and now Gabriel has to battle to accept his own sexuality.

Together, the two young men learn to overcome their differences and the obstacles that society places in their way, to rise above the prejudices of their families and friends, and to come to terms with their own personalities. 

Key points

  • A romantic but very realistic gay love story
  • An angry but appealing protagonist to whom life has done no favours
  • A fundamentally positive novel about acceptance and the quest for happiness
100 000 words