A dream holiday in the country? Not if nature suddenly goes crazy!

My Disastrous Holiday
My Disastrous Holiday
(Ma Pire Semaine de Vacances)



Lea really does not like bugs. For good reason - whenever there’s a mosquito around it will always be her who gets stung. This year her holidays at her cousins’ house in the country are worse than ever because the wasps and all the other insects are now as big as golf balls!
She and her cousin Max soon discover that there are lots of other strange things going on too: dead fish float down the river, cows keel over unconscious in the meadows, a ferocious rat terrifies the girls… Soon there are so many weird things happening that the whole village is forced to pull together to face up to the danger.
But who or what has turned nature upside down? Lea decides to investigate. She soon hones in on the shenanigans of a big agricultural firm that is blithely polluting the land. She must stop it before it makes nature go completely crazy!

Key points

  • A thrilling standalone investigation, full of humour and action
  • A story tinged with fantasy but with very contemporary and realistic themes: ecology, GMOs, multinational firms
  • Helps young readers become more media-savvy and discerning about the value of information on the internet
55 000 words