A swirling contemporary YA fantasy trilogy

The Magic of Paris
The Magic of Paris
(La Magie de Paris)

Olivier GAY


Six foot tall, Chloé can beat anyone at fencing. But when she saves her classmate Thomas from the claws of a strange creature, her life is turned upside down. She is badly wounded and passes out. But when she wakes up she is even stronger and faster than ever!
Thomas reveals that he has magic powers and that in order to save Chloé he had to use a special ritual which bound her to him. Now his unwilling knight, Chloé discovers the world of magicians: she has sword fights with demons, protects Thomas as he closes up holes in the world, and
takes on other knights (including the subdued but sexy David) as well as magician-in-chief Mickael, none of whom want her in their ranks.
And when she finds out that she technically died during her first fight and was only saved thanks to Thomas’ ritual, Chloé decides to get her life back at any cost. She also gradually realises that the world of the demons is not so different from our own, and that Mickael lies about many things...
Book 1        The Heart and the Sword
Book 2        The Calm and the Storm
Book 3         Here and Elsewhere

Key points

  • A swirling contemporary YA fantasy trilogy
  • A carefully measured mélange, combining magic, a secret society, love and swordfights
  • Adolescent readers will love the surprises, characters and action scenes
65 000 words