A moving coming-of-age novel about youth and finding one’s place in the world

(Par transparence)



Alice can no longer bear to live alone with her father, who has been stuck under a little cloud of sadness ever since the departure of his wife. Her gift of being able to hear people’s thoughts makes daily life even more of a burden. The time has come for her to leave, to live.
She moves into a Paris apartment with Fred, her best friend, and Lolie, the fairy-like girl who fascinates them both. They are all young, beautiful, lovers of music, and life stretches out before them. They share their first apartment, their first concerts - how sweet it is to be together, freer than they’ve ever been.
But soon things begin to go awry: Alice loses her way, keeps pushing her limits ever further, engages in numerous romantic relationships, and finds out that these can end in hurt. She is so absorbed in her own life that she fails to notice that Lolie has become dangerously withdrawn, and that her friendship with Fred may actually be love...!

Key points

  • An insightful take on the confusing emotions of adolescence, and the often porous border between love and friendship
  • An array of convincing characters who will each in turn be put to the test
  • A vibrant, very oral writing style reminiscent of Anna Gavalda’s first short stories
99 000 words