Ange Guéro is one of the most renowned graphic novel writers in France, whose work includes The Legend of the Dragon-Knights (now published by Marvel). She is a multi-award winning adult and children’s fiction writer whose work is already translated into a number of languages.


‘The most ambitious and accomplished work in epic French Fantasy’
Le Monde

The Cyan People are destined to be slaves. The priests read it in the stars, they have been slaves for millennia, and nothing can change it. Or so it’s believed. But when Princess Marikani, the last descendant of the Sorcerer-Kings of Arrethas, rescues a mysterious stranger, Arekh, from a shipwreck everything begins to change.  
Arekh grudgingly agrees to help Marikani...

The Legend of the Demon Slayers

‘Full of action, suspense and mystery, and set in a world dominated by magic’

‘It was eleven o’clock when they asked Malïn to kill himself. They left him in his princely suite with a dagger, a bowl of spiced wine sweetened with honey, and a vial of poison. He was fourteen years old.’
Yet Malin is not alone in his plight. The entire royal palace had been struck by a terrible illness causing madness, and then death. Malin is infected and...

The Eye of the Gods

‘Likeable characters draw the reader into an adventure that sees them make the transition from childhood to adolescence. Intriguing and enjoyable, an excellent reading experience.’
Lanfeust Magazine

Twenty-nine children live in the Bubble.
Split over five levels – and into three rival groups – with no adults and no contact from the outside world, they have everything they need: food, power, shelter and company. But it’s not going to last.
The first sign comes when the food dispensers fail. Mina of the Wolves forges an alliance with Alec, leader of the...

Blood Curse

Marie-Antoinette meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Paris in the 21st century.
Louis XXIV is the young king of France, and his fashionable, wealthy nobles amuse themselves in the court of Versailles. Designer crinoline dresses are all the rage, and rich young aristocrats pack the trendy Paris nightclubs. But behind the scenes two rival families vie for power : the Condés, rumoured to be descended from an angel ; and the...