Lise Syven was born in 1978. She is fascinated by the universes of Star Wars, superheroes, dragons, spaceships, the 19th century and monsters, and is a founder of CoCyclics, a writers’ collective devoted to promoting fantasy literature.

The Broken Balance

‘If Harry Potter were a French girl, he’d be Elie !
A novel you urgently need to discover !’


Elie has just lost both her parents in a car accident. Since then, her life has been falling apart. At home, her brother Karl had developed an absurd obsession for plastic ducks, while her Aunt Magalie is busy mass-producing badges. When the teenaged girl catches the two of them whispering together about a mysterious Order and magic spells, she starts to wonder whether she isn’t the...

Saving Paradise

‘Do you believe in Heaven?’

Faustine’s student life was thrown into turmoil the day her father’s laboratory was blown up. She is immediately given the same close protection that her father’s team gets, and is not indifferent to the charm of Nato, the bodyguard she is allocated.

Faustine is convinced she knows the identity of the man who is pursuing them, and whose goal appears to be the...