Paul Beorn vowed, when he was five, to become ‘the most exciting writer in the whole wide world’. Since then, he committed to keep that promise and has already written several adult fantasy, YA and middle-grade novels which have earned him numerous awards.

The Day When…

All the adults are asleep…
let the party begin!

One day, all the adults on Earth fall one after another into a mysterious coma… Children and teenagers suddenly find themselves left to their own devices.

Léo and Marie, two sixteen-year-old high school students, assemble their friends to try and save as many babies and small children as possible and distribute food to the neighbourhood kids. Within this group of...

Two teenagers exchange letters.
One lives in 2014… the other in 1914.

A century lies between them…

Adrien and Hadrien are two thirteen-year-old boys and they live only a few kilometres from one another in northern France. They both have problems in school, at home, and with girls, like most boys their age. There’s only one thing that sets them apart: Adrien lives in the year 2014, and Hadrien in 1914.

But magic intervenes in...

The Seventh Warrior-Mage

‘Fast-flowing, spectacular and entertaining fantasy. A honey-trap for readers, impossible to put down’
Librairie Mollat

Jal is not only a thief, but also a deserter. Pursued by his former fellow soldiers, he escapes death by a hair.

He is rescued by a woman who asks in exchange that he swear to defend her village against the conquering army he has just betrayed. An army led by the most powerful of the warrior-mages.

Although at first Jal has no intention of honouring his promise, the...

Ogre on the run

Discover Paris in this frantic high-speed chase as a young girl searches for her heart

Jeanne is hospitalized for appendicitis when an ogre suddenly appears and steals her heart. But dying is out of the question! A musketeer and his talking cat appear at the right moment and lend her a dragon’s heart, but it will only work for a day.

In short, the young girl, accompanied by these strange companions, has only several hours to find her vital organ. A frantic...


'As heroic as it is dramatic, this novel offers a great adventure with the perfect mix of suspense and sensitivity. The sequel can't come soon enough!' 

Lanfeust Mag

After a year of civil war in the kingdom of Westalie, the rebels are brutally crushed during an attack on the capital. Their legendary leader, Darran Dahl, is killed in a fight with the king himself, and his supporters are thrown into the dungeons.
D’Arterac, a famous collector of legends with an uncanny ability to discern truth from fiction,...

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
The official novel of the worldwide bestselling mystery game
In the village of Millers Hollow, the summer of 1846 is coming to an end and all seems well. But one night, Lune and her friends hear the mysterious call of the Red Moon and they follow a black wolf to an abandoned trunk, where they find wolf masks and a strange poem that speaks of revenge.
Something awakens in them and the teenagers swear they will...