Silène EDGAR

Silène Edgar teaches French and runs a website for middle school teachers. She is also the author of several novels for middle-grade and young adult readers.

Fortune Cookies

From the general blackout to the media dictatorship, a hard-hitting, realistic and timely text, which will awaken the rebel inside you.

Brittany, tomorrow:

An electrical power outage plunges the small lives of Blanche and Hadrien into darkness, along with whole of Europe. A mysterious rumour filters through the radio waves: the government is concealing something going on in the south… Is it war? Their daughter is far away, on holiday in Spain. Hadrien decides to leave immediately in search of her, but...

Two teenagers exchange letters.
One lives in 2014… the other in 1914.

A century lies between them…

Adrien and Hadrien are two thirteen-year-old boys and they live only a few kilometres from one another in northern France. They both have problems in school, at home, and with girls, like most boys their age. There’s only one thing that sets them apart: Adrien lives in the year 2014, and Hadrien in 1914.

But magic intervenes in...

Adèle and the Wedding of Queen Margot

Between 2015 and 1572, Adèle must choose.

Adèle is fed up with her parents, who never understand anything and insist that she keep studying when she could be out having fun with her friends. So, when she finds out she has to read an entire book during her holidays, it’s just too much!

But little by little, Adèle lets herself be carried away by her reading, to the point that she dreams about...

Stolen Letters

Under the Sun King, one teenage girl’s search for identity in the merciless world of nobility

Françoise is the daughter of the famous Marquise de Sévigné, whose thinking and prose have enchanted the French court. The young woman has been invited to her first dinner with nobles, where she must dazzle everyone with both her vivacity and beauty. Intimidated by the
idea of meeting Jean de la Fontaine and Madame de La Fayette, the young girl commits a faux...

42 Days

Three months in Brittany: the perfect summer holiday, or a secret plan by their parents to keep them safe from the war?

Twelve-year-old Sacha and his little brother Jacob are surprised and delighted to go on holiday earlier than planned, even before the school year is finished. The two young Parisians are even more delighted to be staying in their uncle’s boarding house, a manor by the sea in Brittany.

Their stay there, however, does not quite turn out to be the holiday camp they had...

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
The official novel of the worldwide bestselling mystery game
In the village of Millers Hollow, the summer of 1846 is coming to an end and all seems well. But one night, Lune and her friends hear the mysterious call of the Red Moon and they follow a black wolf to an abandoned trunk, where they find wolf masks and a strange poem that speaks of revenge.
Something awakens in them and the teenagers swear they will...