Alexandre MALAGOLI

Alexandre Malagoli was born in 1976. He has established himself as one of the best French Fantasy writers working today.

The Lord of Crystal

‘With a twisted sense of humour and a light tone, this is a great book, well-paced and with an original idea, which provides hours of pleasure.’
Lanfeust Magazine

One morning the young emperor Odrien wakes up to find his people gone. Everyone, throughout the entire kingdom, has disappeared. Or almost everyone. There are three others, mysteriously left behind: a pick-pocket, a Wise-One, and the captain of the Imperial Guard. Odrien must bring them together to help him.
The answers lie in the mirror: they must travel through it, into the...

Genesia - The Crimson Chronicles

An exciting and ambitious series from a superb writer

Evan, a young and lazy shepherd, wishes for adventure. Which, when he finds himself fleeing his home and family pursued by Inquisitors, suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all.
Caessia, the young princess, is also on the road. Having defied her father and escaped the palace to avoid an arranged marriage, fate decrees that she and Evan should meet up. And that the...