Alice Scarling was born on the first day of spring. When she was young, she passed through the gateway of the Argonath and, ever since, the writing virus consumes her each night. Later, Alice’s passion for fantastic literature became her field of expertise: vampires, succubi and werewolves hold no secrets for her. Lacrimosa is the brilliant result of all this erudition and embodies a new, original and sexy voice within French paranormal romance.

Sascha’s Requiem
'Not to be missed! Action, suspense, a wickedly off-beat sense of humour, an appealing heroine and a breathtaking ending!'

Beneath the outward guise of a carefree young woman, Sascha conceals grave secrets. An orphan, she has no knowledge of her origins or how she came to have her strange power: she can possess people by mere touch, allowing her to change bodies. She makes use of this to earn a living and eliminate any vampires who cross her path, in the hope of one day finding those responsible for...