Andoryss Mel is a devoted fan of imaginary worlds that inspire her: Miyazaki, Clamp, Michael Ende, Lewis Carroll and J.M. Barrie. She began her career writing scenarios for bande dessinée  and has now published several middle-grade and YA novels.

The Children of Evernight

‘The fluid writing, the twisted plot and the colourful characters propel us to an original and highly engaging universe!’


To escape from boarding school, on the eve of her thirteenth birthday Camille makes a wish before falling asleep: to never wake up again.

When she re-opens her eyes, she discovers her wish has come true. For here she is, in Evernight, the world of dreams. Wandering in this strange universe, she meets odd characters who lead her to the reverse city, where she must find the...

The Architective

Knowing the history and secrets of a house simply by entering it doesn’t make him weird… Or does it ?

Everyone can tell you that Armand, age fifteen, is like any other teenager. Clever, headstrong, and perhaps a bit shy, but not weird. And yet, Armand has inherited a gift from his father. When he enters a house, he can dive into the soul of the building, reading its memories, injuries, hidden rooms, and every last secret. The walls remember, and they tell their story to those who know how...