Camille ADLER

Camille Adler was born in 1984. Keen on the history of fashion and herself a creator of clothing, she pays tribute in this book to this facinating historical period.

Pink Silk

In 19th-century Paris, a lady turns seamstress, and becomes mistress of her fate.

Rose de Saulnay, a quiet young woman belonging to the upper classes, has a passion for fashion which she expresses by creating superb dresses in secret. But her husband, a violent and possessive man, finds this pastime unworthy of her social rank and disapproves of her behaviour.

At a grand ball, she meets Alexander Wright, the French capital’s most renowned couturier. Her...

The Perfect Scenario

What if you could instantly write your life as it goes along?

Lily dreams only of romance, but goes from break-up to break-up. One evening, she meets her favourite screenwriter at a party, and she gives Lily her pen, claiming it’s ‘magic’. It supposedly has the power to change any unpleasant situation into a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.
Lily then decides to make use of this gift to seduce her boss,...