Céline Mancellon was born in 1977 and is the mother of four. Her first book was published in 2012. A prolific writer, she explores nearly every genre, from chick-lit to dystopia to thrillers.

Bad Romance

A passion between two people damaged by life who will find the hope of salvation in love

The day – or rather, the night – Chris met Kate, things didn’t really go by the book. He drank far too much and wandered into the wrong tent. Furious, she threatened him with a harpoon gun.

But you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a guy like Chris. His bad boy way of life represents everything Kate is trying to avoid. She has had enough problems,...

Satan is Just Another Man
And the Devil created hell.
Well, he created hell for others...
Adrian Sheffield is a virtuoso pianist considered a genius by many. Alas he is also a young man with quite a nasty character, whose biting and decidedly off-color sense of humour eventually leads to him getting fewer and fewer invitations to play concerts.
One day he receives a threatening letter and his agent decides to hire a bodyguard to protect...