David Forrest has already made a name for himself as one of the first “Authors 2.0” to emerge in France, thanks to the success of his first digital novel. A journalist by training, specialized in audio-visual entertainment, each of his stories has won over new readers with their edgy style and caustic sense of humour.


A nail-biting thriller, based on both real historical events
and urban legends, that will capture the reader in its web

Is the hospital haunted?
A series of apparently motiveless murders has rocked the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Nantes. Police captain Ael Guivarch, an obsessive perfectionist and a methodical rationalist, refuses to believe in a supernatural cause for the escalating violence, certain there must be a logical explanation. But his quest for truth risks endangering his deepest...


An explosive thriller that never lets up, in an intrigue
where terrifying enigmas and real-life facts intertwine

A radioactive body fallen from the sky triggers a series of events that will lead police lieutenant Inès Herrera into a dizzying spiral of death.
Pursued by sinister individuals prepared to do anything in order to make the irradiated corpse and any evidence of its existence disappear, she takes reference with the only person she can trust, her former boss in the criminal...


An apocalyptic thriller that will haunt your nights…

Arcames looks like a small, serene and picturesque village in the French countryside, but it might be the crucible of an apocalyptic cult preparing the unspeakable. People keep their mouths shut here, and outsiders are suspect.

When two police detectives are put in charge of investigating the disappearance of a young woman, all clues lead them to this place that appears to be...