A Frenchwoman by birth, Canadian by adoption, and Québecoise in her heart, Chloé Duval lives in Montreal with her prince charming and dozens of characters jostling around inside her head.

Stolen Time

A journey between past and present, in search of a lost romance

Can a letter from a stranger change your life?

Flavie, author of romance novels and sentimental to the core, cannot help being won over when one day she receives a mysterious letter, along with an apology from the Post Office for the delay in delivery… of forty-three years!

So who is this Amélie and the anonymous man desperate to persuade her to give up...

The Château by the river

Two women, two eras, and one castle that will decide their destinies

Alexandra, a dynamic young business woman from California, has always been fascinated with France. She discovers that she herself has French roots when she comes across a photo of her ancestor Gabrielle D’Arcy, posing in front of the Château of Ferté-Chandeniers. She determines to find out everything there is to know about this woman who left her country for America a...