Emmanuelle NUNCQ

Emmanuelle Nuncq was born in 1984 and started reading from the moment she was able to hold a book. As a child, her friends were named Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, and Théophile Gautier. These long hours of reading, lying stretched out on her bed, led her to become a student of classical and modern letters, followed by a three-year stint as a librarian. Today she has become a novelist, with a work that does honour to the literature she adores.


‘A book with style and personality. Fresh and exciting !’
Place to be

In the imaginary kingdom of Borderedge, the rules of fiction reign supreme and swashbuckling characters abound.
Violette, a bored librarian who would love reading about just this kind of extravagant universe, is fed up with the tedium of her own life.
That isn’t the case with Roxane, heiress to the throne of Borderedge, now pursued by pirates working for the usurper...