Erik Wietzel was born in 1967. He began a career in journalism before giving free rein to his passion for writing fiction.

The Dragons of the Red City

“I thought Fantasy was an Anglo-Saxon monopoly, until I read Erik Wietzel. It feels good to be proved wrong sometimes. This is the best Fantasy story I’ve read in a long time.”
Maxime Chattam

The son of the queen of Redfelt has been abducted. The ransom is the city’s magical sword, in which it is rumoured that the souls of dragons sleep. But the queen’s emissaries have vanished, along with the weapon they were to deliver to the kidnappers.
The queen therefore summons Alec, a bounty hunter, and formerly her lover when he was a young officer in the service of...


'A cross between Dune and The Lord of the Rings, this is a triumph.’
Le Figaro

Within a few days, the dead will invade Elamia.
An army is being led from beyond the grave by the greatest wizard that the world has ever known. Nothing and nobody can stand in his way. Only one man is capable of organizing resistance and restoring hope, but he lost his memory long ago. He has even forgotten his own name.
But what if the key to victory lay within this...