Fabrice COLIN

Fabrice Colin, born in 1972, has written forty novels, including Fantasy, mainstream and young adult titles. Successful and critically acclaimed, he is a multi-award winning author of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (thrice), the Prix des Incorruptibles, the Prix Bob Morane and the Prix Ozone.

Bless you!

‘Continuously funny and packed with rare inventiveness.’
Le Monde

Welcome to Newdon, a quirky Victorian London, where human and Fantasy creatures live side by side. The favorite sport there is Quartek, a sort of football played by Ogres and Zombies. Alas, the local team is so bad that its coach John Moon thinks about suicide…
His friends are no better: Vaughan, the elf, is the worst magic student ever, and Gloin MacCough, a dwarf, has been...


‘Fabrice Colin is a master of French Fantasy. He is a spellbinding storyteller and his novels generate a delightful feeling of wonder.’
Le Monde

Barkhan’s tale is a tragic one. Born in the Land of the Thousand Canyons, Barkhan was orphaned when invaders – tall, merciless Senthaï warriors, clad in black steel – slaughtered his family. Found and raised by the emperor’s brother, in the great city of Dât-Lakhan, he ultimately sacrificed himself for the man who had saved his life. Sentenced to death for...

Confessions of an Opium-Eating Automaton

‘A manifesto for the steampunk movement. (…) Hectic action, written in an elegant modern style.’

Paris, 1899. The city is filled with flying machines and other technological marvels fuelled by æther, a mysterious source of phenomenal energy.

But the murder of a young woman, who falls from a hansom flying over the Garnier Opera Palace, disturbs the festivities for the Universal Exposition. The crime also involves an automaton, one of the new household machines that...


‘An eclectic, genre-breaking author gifted with an enthralling writing talent.’
France Inter

London, 1872.

In the world of Arcadia, reality takes on the colors of dreams: an idyllic kingdom, bathed in the magic of faerie, where ministers are poets and artists are kings, where the future is taboo and death an unlikely prospect.

One day, however, strange omens disturb the peacefulness of Arcadia’s magnificent capital. Blue-tinged nights, a ghostly...