Jeanne Faivre d’Arcier lives in the Pigalle district of Paris and is the author of a dozen crime and fantasy novels for both adults and younger readers. She has won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire.
The Opera Macabre

‘With their historical edge and European setting, these vampire chronicles offer an alternative to the US writers who dominate the genre’

Flamenco Red
It was 1840, in a back-street Algiers brothel, when Carmilla became a vampire. A superb flamenco dancer and a strong, passionate, vibrant woman, she believes in progress and soon finds herself at war with powerful and ancient vampires who are strongly attached to their black magic, mystical rites and ancient ways… 
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The Vampire of Bacalan

Two teenagers investigate their origins through the memories of a mysterious stranger

Cornelia and Niko, two sixteen-year-old twins, see their lives turned upside down during a concert by the harbor. Cornelia hears a mysterious voice with an English accent and follows it. She becomes lost in the labyrinth of the naval base and almost drowns, but is narrowly saved by an enormous dog.

The dog later reappears during their jaunts around town. A crow seems to be...

Pigalle, the famed bohemian district of Paris, and the perfect setting for a crime
This is the Pigalle of legend, a disappeared Paris peopled by artists, bourgeois, lowlife, and whores.
One morning as he sets out to buy his daily croissant, old Antoine spots a set of drawers dumped on the sidewalk. In one drawer is a tiny baby. Immediately the entire neighborhood swings into action to look after the abandoned...