Johana Gustawsson was born in Marseille in southern France and now lives in London with her husband and son. Block 46, her first novel, was a rapid success and has been translated into several languages. Johana combines passion for history with fascination for the complexity of family ties. She delves into the roots of evil to explore it in all its ramifications.
Block 46

A cool-headed profiler and a glamorous writer joined by a shared obsession with serial killers

Falkenberg, Sweden. Police superintendent Bergström finds the frozen naked body of a woman at Olofsbo beach.

London. A renowned profiler, the taciturn Emily Roy investigates a series of murders of children whose savagely mutilated bodies present the same wounds as the Swedish victim: the throat torn out, the eyes removed, and a mysterious Y carved on one...

‘Johana Gustawsson has taken the thriller into a new dimension. Her subtle and surprising novels are the fruit of an immense talent.’
Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books
Torvsjön, 16 July 2015. The dismembered body of a woman, minus several pounds of flesh, is found on the shores of a Swedish lake.
London, the next morning. The profiler Emily Roy is called to a crime scene. The actress Julianne Bell has been abducted and her shoes have been found nearby, neatly wrapped in a freezer...