Laurent Genefort is one of France’s leading science fiction and Fantasy authors with over forty novels. He has won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire and the Prix Rosny Ainé for best novel. He has worked on film projects with director Marc Caro and is now a script writer and world-designer on the next video game by Eric Chahi, creator of Heart of Darkness and Alone in the Dark.


An action-packed tale of war, battle and dark prophecies

Audric is the ‘Demon’s Scourge’. The captain of the Serpent Horde owes his nickname to the jointed steel armband that allows him to wield a gigantic sword that no other living man can even lift. It is rumoured that he acquired this superhuman strength by means of some infernal pact.
Audric pays no heed to these rumours, just as he ignores the warnings of his...