Magali Ségura was born in 1972. Her first publication, a short story called Against Fate, was nominated for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, and won the Prix Bob Morane - Imaginaire 2000. Readers have waited impatiently for Ségura to write a novel, and with Leïlan she has fulfilled both her initial promise and her reader’s hopes. With Eternity, she continues to deliver her unique blend of lyrical, passionate fantasy.


‘A revelation’
Le Monde

Leïlan is the Land of Illusions, a mysterious kingdom. These doomed lands, whose borders are closed, are spoken of with respect mingled with fear. A terrible tragedy has fallen upon the royal family. And ever since then, the people of Leïlan have been oppressed by Duke Korta, who is manipulating the king from the shadows behind the throne.
But Axel, a young messenger, has...


‘Magali Ségura writes with a pen which is both poetic and powerful, keeping us bewitched by its spell’
Chroniques de l’imaginaire

In the Saltearth archipelago, a seed containing a gift is received from the gods every 500 years, and an individual is elected to decide how it will be used.
When several minor sorceresses are murdered, Naslie, a descendant of those endowed with the gift of Magic, flees from the Ancient One, whose menacing shadow she has sensed pursuing her over the years.
Her eight-year-old...