Manon Fargetton, equally at ease with fantasy, thrillers, and young-adult fiction (a winner of the Grand Prix du Journal de Mickey 2014), is firmly set on making her own literary path through various genres, with all the finesse and imagination that characterize her writing style.

The Legacy of the Crosser-Kings

A meeting of two young women whose linked destinies will change the history of their worlds

Shadow, a medieval universe full of magic, and Shore, the present-day world as we know it, are two distorted reflections of a single reality. A strange phenomenon joins them: that of the Dark Portraits. Every person in our world is linked to a person in Shadow, born on the same day. When one dies, the other cannot survive for longer than a lunar month.
But some individuals...

The Illusions of Sav-Loar

The end of the war between magicians could come from a slave girl discovering her powers

In the kingdom of Shadow, the women who possess the gift are persecuted by men from the Closed, the patriarchal religious order. For centuries now these women have taken refuge in the legendary Sav-Loar, a city at the heart of the Forest of Dreams protected by spells and illusions.

When Blue becomes a teenager, she discovers her powers and joins forces with a group of slaves...

Free as a Dream
When birthdates determine one’s place in society, radically different fates may await two sisters
At the end of the 21st century, the Birthdate law tells you which job you’ll get. If you’re born in January, you can have your dream job: actor, singer, anything is possible. Born in December you’re at the bottom of the barrel!
Minöa and Silnëi are twin sisters born several minutes apart the night of the 31st of December...