Marika Gallman was born in 1983. An avid collector of Post-its and multiple personalities, she blew her chance to become a Hollywood writer when she wrote a screenplay for Indiana Jones 4 that was turned down because the plot lacked a fridge. Drawn to dark surroundings and men with pointy teeth, this is her first novel.

Fanged and Furious

‘With its funky dialogues and heroine in full fury, it’s a truly irresistible mix. THE Bit-lit novel you should read, definitely. A true delight’
Urban Lecture & Co

Maeve spends her time trying to control her hot temper and drowning her troubles, including a series of gory nightmares, in alcohol and in the arms of her numerous lovers.
When she meets Lukas, she feels an extraordinary attraction for him. That is... until he abducts her and reveals she is the secret daughter of a powerful centuries-old vampire against whom Lukas is seeking...