Mathieu Gaborit was born in 1972. He was the very first French Fantasy writer and is still one of its best-sellers.

Chronicles of the Feals

‘A mythos creator and a skilled storyteller, Gaborit introduces us to a fascinating universe and enriches it with his fertile imagination.’
Lanfeust Magazine

Hidden away in the heart of the Empire of the Claw, The Scarlet Tower is home to a mysterious religious order devoted to the most fabulous of creatures, the phoenixes. There initiates learn the secrets of the firebird; how to raise them from their ashes, and how to master their powers.
Januel is one of these initiates, and he’s both young and exceptionally talented. When the...


‘A flair for colourful stories, remarkable characters, and extravagant destinies (…) A novel full of noise and fury, strikingly frenetic and saturated with haunting images.’
Le Monde

Europe has been submerged by a mysterious and dangerous liquid substance, known as “ecryme”. Linked by a fragile network of steel tracks, only a few cities rise above this corrosive sea, governed by an oppressive capitalist aristocracy. But despite repression by the regime’s sinister Propaganda ministry, there are stirrings of revolt…
Louise Kechelev is a...

The Twilight Realms

‘Young, gritty author Mathieu Gaborit ranks with Anglo-Saxon masters’

There’s a secret place known as the Dying Day, where legends spring to life. Hidden beneath the eternal shadow of a gigantic tree, the Dying Day is a school where blade masters and magicians instruct their students in the mystical rites of a strange and dark power.

Within the mysterious boundaries of the school walls, Agone, son of the deceased Baron de Rochronde, faces...

Confessions of an Opium-Eating Automaton

‘A manifesto for the steampunk movement. (…) Hectic action, written in an elegant modern style.’

Paris, 1899. The city is filled with flying machines and other technological marvels fuelled by æther, a mysterious source of phenomenal energy.

But the murder of a young woman, who falls from a hansom flying over the Garnier Opera Palace, disturbs the festivities for the Universal Exposition. The crime also involves an automaton, one of the new household machines that...