Olivier GAY

Olivier Gay, born in Grenoble in 1979, is a French writer of crime, fantasy and horror novels, for both adults and young adults.

The Ice Swords

Déria is the daughter of a northern lord, sent to finish her education at the court of the Emperor where her charm, just as devastating as her sword, leaves no one indifferent. But Déria prefers the company of her young maid Shani and the soldier Mahlin to that of the nobles at the court.

The news of her assassination comes as a brutal blow to her friends, who swear...

False Brother, Real Secret

Léa’s new adopted brother seems way too gifted to be only human… and to remain unnoticed

- formerly entitled THE BOY WHO RAN TOO FAST -

One night, Léa’s father tells her something that will change her life. A couple of friends have passed away, and their sixteen-year-old son, Mike, is coming to live with them. He will sleep in the bedroom next to hers, share her bathroom, and attend her high school!

Her father also asks Léa to let him know about any «strange» behavior... Now...

The Emperor’s Hand

From common gladiator to the Emperor’s living weapon, the cruel destiny of Rekk the Butcher

Rekk’s childhood was not easy, and the rest of his life won’t be, either. Gladiator then soldier in the imperial army, he is spotted by the Emperor in the infernal mire of the Kushite jungles. He becomes the Emperor’s agent to defeat the hordes of barbarians, then the armed wing for all the Empire’s dirty work.
Little by little, Rekk evolves into a hated and...

The Magic of Paris

A swirling contemporary YA fantasy trilogy

Six foot tall, Chloé can beat anyone at fencing. But when she saves her classmate Thomas from the claws of a strange creature, her life is turned upside down. She is badly wounded and passes out. But when she wakes up she is even stronger and faster than ever!
Thomas reveals that he has magic powers and that in order to save Chloé he had...